Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Woman To Be Praised

This Tuesday, it will be two weeks since Grammy left this earth.
Honestly, it still feels like a dream. I'm just waiting to go to her house to find her laying on the couch asleep with the Game Show Network on. Or feeding Bitsy all of the food she doesn't want from the Inn. Or, even, Grammy on the ground after falling.. telling JT and me her guardian angel sent us to pick her up off the floor. I'm still waiting for her witty comments and her questions about what's going on in our lives. I just miss her.. Even the parts I wish I could forget, like the last few days of her life in the hospital. I miss that, too.
Grammy was a woman of faith, hope, and love. She always tried to do the right thing. She loved everyone, no matter their past or circumstances. She defined Proverbs 31:10-31. As Proverbs 31:29 says, "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all," and she did. I did not even realize how many people my Grammy had touched until the past two weeks. She was amazing, and I was so blessed to know her.
Grammy was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma when I was five. The doctor only gave her six months to live, but she asked him not to tell her how long she had. Grammy wanted to live out each day how it was supposed to be lived out. She ended up beating the cancer a few years after being diagnosed. She was my Super Woman. Throughout school, if I ever was assigned a paper about who inspired us or who we wanted to be like someday, I knew right off who I would write about: Grammy. Honestly, I don't remember Grammy ever being healthy. But despite her constant illnesses, she was the best Grammy in the world. She let me pet her "pug hair" when her hair was growing back after chemo, and let me give her medicine. I was her "Anna Cane." I would roll her walker while she had her hands on my shoulders. I'm sure it was an interesting sight to see.
Grammy always supported me. Even if she couldn't come to my activities, she would ask how my performances or games went. My senior year, she came to almost every home game. She came to Muffins for Moms, she came to my graduation. She loved my heart for Honduras and was always asking how she could help. Oh, what a beautiful lady she was.
All I keep thinking about is that I'm thankful she was such a big part of my life. I'm thankful for the all of the memories I can look back on.. like when she said to me when she had fallen, "Anna, I don't drink, but I'm drunk!" I'm thankful I get to be her namesake.
I'm not sure what happens after you die, but I'm pretty sure Grammy is hanging out with her family that has gone before her, joking up a storm, redecorating her mansion, finally free of pain, and, most importantly, with her Father. And in the midst of that, I know she's watching over me, still cheering me on and supporting me wholeheartedly. Someday, I'm going to see my Grammy again, no illness within her, and we will be together again, forever.

Anna Carolyn

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Last night, I graduated from Wood County Christian School with 24 other seniors. It was awesome :) I'm going to miss that place

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Church

I have talked about the Church before on here.. It's one of my main soapboxes, really. I feel like the family of God hasn't even begun to reach her fully capability: what God actually wants us to be. But for the past few years, all I've done is criticize and scrutinize the Church. Congregations in this area, particularly. Most of the time I'm just frustrated: frustrated with the leadership, frustrated with individual members who claim to follow the Way but don't live like it, frustrated with what we think is "important" like making our church pretty.

When it became time to start seriously considering where I wanted to go to college, one of my main reasons for wanting to go away for school was to attend a different church. I had even looked into a few churches I wanted to visit in Kentucky and Nashville. But after much prayer and telling God I would do what He wanted instead of do what I wanted, I decided on the college I swore I would never attend: Ohio Valley University. God really has a sense of humor.

Since I have decided to stay around here, I've dealt with the realization that I'll probably be going to the same church for however long. And it's now that I've grasped that I decide whether I enjoy my congregation or not. I can look at all the bad things, or I can look at all the positive things my congregation does. I can see where I think we have failed miserably, or I can see how we have changed and affected this community for the better. If I do want to complain about something, I need to make my thoughts known and try to change the issue. And trust me, I know there will be things I will not agree with in the future. But, complaining does absolutely nothing.

I have been reminded recently that the body of Christ is made up of humans: people who mess up constantly. So obviously, the Church isn't going to be exactly what she's supposed to be, but we can work toward that goal for the rest of eternity. Together. Because we are a family with all of our problems. But family sticks together through the good, the bad and the ugly.

So, this is my statement -- I will have hope for Christ's body: that we will live as God's chosen people, that we will love each other despite our differences, that we will all work toward the same goal. God created this family for our betterment, and I need to be thankful for this blessing of community.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, I stink at updating.. I apologize. So, 2009 is over. Where the heck did that year go? It was a great year, I'd say. Well, other than having to leave Honduras because of a political crisis and having the swine flu.. bah. What's not normal about that? So here's the year in a nut shell:
- God taught me how to trust him through the tough times.
- I grew closer to many friends.
- I lost contact with a few people (sad, but true).
- I played Varsity basketball at WCCS and loved every minute of it!
- I attended WCCS and actually semi-enjoyed school. Crazy, I know.
- I traveled to many places this year: Honduras, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Hilton Head, Pensacola, Bob Jones University (Baptist Communist College), Pigeon Forge, and many more places.
- I was able to serve in the country of Honduras for three and a half weeks.
- I had to leave Honduras due to a political crisis.
- I attempted to raise a baby bird named Stanley. He survived two days with me.. Fail.
- I went to Banquet and had a blast.
- My grandparents moved to our town, which is such a blessing. God is so good.
- I counseled at Camp Manatawny.
- I went to Pitman, New Jersey on a mission trip.
- I became obsessed with One Tree Hill. Do not judge me.
- I was the Libero Tracker for WCCS Varsity volleyball. Doesn't that sound awesome?
- I was honored to be in my very special friend, Donna's, wedding when she married Mr. Brian in November!
- My best friend moved back here to go to school, but Samalina decided to move back to Honduras in December. Jealous!
- I went to cool things like God's Girls and Awaken Student Conference.
- I was on Homecoming Court. Yay for getting to dress up.
- I went to Mountainer Christian Youth Camp for my thirteenth year. I just can't get enough of that place.
- I celebrated Thanksgiving in August and Independence Day on New Year's Eve.
- I goofed off, laughed a lot and made a fool of myself.
- I made a ton of mistakes, but few regrets.
- I learned a lot of life lessons.

What am I looking forward to in 2010?
- Hopefully winning basketball states! Whether we do that or not, enjoying my last season of basketball.
- Turning 18. Then, I can buy cigarettes and porn, play the lottery, and vote! Don't worry.. I won't be doing the first three. ;)
- I'll be graduating on May 21st. Hard to believe.
- Leading another team to Honduras and staying for an extended period.
- Counseling at Camp Manatawny.
- Starting college at ?? (I'll update about that soon)
- Living life to the fullest and enjoying time with friends and family.
- Growing more into the person God created me to be.

So long 2009. Let's get the 2010 party started!

May God bless this year for you and your family.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Norm

The norm that we have made up for our lives is odd. Think about it. What's the norm?
You go to school from the age of 5 (or 3 if you go the Nursery School route) to 18. Then, you graduate and go to college. That's what's expected. People assume graduates are going to college. And what's after college? Well, you get a job that probably doesn't pay much to start off, get married, and start having babies. You work the rest of your life, your kids start to grow and the cycle starts all over again. We're so predictable. And so far, I fit the mold, and my plans for the future fit the mold. Those who live in this mold, nothing is wrong with that. If God has called you to that, awesome. Follow His voice. I just think some of us hear God whispering us to go a different route that may not be the norm. We're afraid of the scrutiny that will come with not going on the "right" way, so we stop listening to the quite voice. God is calling some of us to be teachers, accountants, and those types of occupations, but He's the same God that calls some to be international missionaries, to work in homeless shelters, to start organizations to stop human trafficking. Those of you who are doing what God has called you to do, be a light in the darkness. Be a blessing because He has blessed you.
And for those who have no earthly idea what He wants for your life (I'm in this category). Listen to His voice. Don't just follow the norm because that's what everyone expects. If what He's calling you to do is scary, step out in faith, convicted that God will be faithful and will have His hand of protection covering you.

Much Love

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ugh! It's here! School starts tomorrow. I don't want it to start and I'm ready for it to start all at the same time. It's probably because it's my senior year. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, amen! This year's schedule is still unfinished.. I have two periods of nothing as of today. And I praise God for that, too. Last year was hard.. and the Lord knows I already have a case of senioritis. I don't need to have too much work. So basically, what I'm saying is that I want to be lazy. ;)

Anyway.. there are many things I need to update about concerning the summer. The summer didn't go how I expected it to go, but it was still such a great time.

Time for bed since I can't sleep in.. Bah!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy Times..

Hi friends! For the three of you who actually read this, here's a quick post. I just got home from a "tour".. really, it feels like it was. Sam and I have been to six states in the past two weeks. A bit ridiculous.. but so much fun.

Camp Manatawny rocked out! For real.. I loved every minute of it.. I'm already planning to counsel again next year. I'll update more about my experience another day.

Mission Trip was, also, a lot of fun. We had about 70 kids come to VBS. We went to Philadelphia and New York City, which was awesome. Sam and I left our houses at 4:15 this morning to head to Ocean City, New Jersey and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful! God is so good.. and his creation is amazing. I've become more and more in awe of his handiwork these past few months.

We got home around seven today, and headed to a party for the Larios family (Gina's family). They flew to the States two weeks ago since things are so uncertain right now in Honduras. A group of about forty of us who have fallen in love with Honduras and its people got together to pray over Papi, Mami, Gina, Chachi, Saul and the country. Please continue to pray for the country.. Like I said before, things are so uncertain right now.

Sunday afternoon, I'm headed off again to Mountaineer Christian Youth Camp. It's going to be my thirteenth year. Heck, I'm getting old! I'm so excited.. that place has been a huge part of my childhood and my journey with Christ. It's made a huge impact on this girl's heart over the years. Please pray that lives will be changed this week and that God will move in mighty ways! I think this year will be great.

That's it for now. Enjoy your summer!

Much Love